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Hanger is by a man named Albert * Parkhouse workers invention. When he was Michigan, a wire and a small handmade products company produced lampshade blacksmith day he was angry to find factory cloakroom coat hooks have been fully occupied, he stormed out some lead wire, bent coat shoulder shape and topped with a hook. This invention has been appropriated and patented his boss, this is the origin of the hanger.

Hanger is a furniture of earlier onset, Zhou began to implement etiquette, dressed attaches great importance to the aristocracy, in order to meet this need earlier appeared designed to hang clothes rack. Hanger various dynasties have different forms, names are different. Spring and Autumn Period, was hung in the woods, for hanging clothes, called "stringers", also called "wood Shi." In the Song Dynasty, more commonly used racks than the previous generation, and there is the image data, Henan Yu County Song Dynasty tomb murals dressing figure hanger, which consists of two columns supporting a bar, the bar ends to grow upright, two little raised and made flower shape. The lower part of the crossbar with two piers to stabilize the column, in the lower part of the crossbar between the two columns, plus a cross doorpost to play a reinforcing role. Ming Dynasty hanger overall shape remains the traditional model, but with the timber, production, decoration especially fine. The lower end with two wooden hangers baidunzi foot, inside and outside on both sides of relief fret, plant uprights pier, both before and after dental Loudiao volumes flower stand against the folder. Station upper and lower teeth with tongue and part pier column and the seat connection, two piers with small pieces of wood to save then install the lattice grid, due to the lattice grid has a certain width, it is possible to put shoes and other items. The lower side of the cross member and each engaging portion of the column, there is a paper flower engraved kidnapper supporting teeth. Hanger from the selection, design, carving, in the Ming Dynasty have reached a high artistic level.

Ming hanger elegant, beautifully decorated, carving delicate, bright paint colors, Ming and Qing officials wearing black yarn HY hat, dressed in front and rear disc collar embroidered patch son Mati Xiu robe, Qing Dynasty hanger so tall, stand teeth the column has a bar, two brought out a pick, carved ornamentation, robes resting on the bar, that the implementation of the gantry of the Qing Dynasty "dressers" policy, the implementation of wear full costumes, full of people and tall physique swift and fierce, worn Clothing bulky, heavy weight. Rich, respectable people's clothes, is a heap of silk and satin cutwork phoenix composition. Therefore, creating a bustling hanger Qing Dynasty, dignified, great, it is characteristic of this period, but also distinguish the difference at other times.

Hanger also commonly known as the Qing Dynasty 'robes stand ", mainly used to hang men's robes, so all of the main beam hanger are like two dearest friends, Ssangyong, proudly lying there, a symbol of the cement it, and the rest as" Fu, "" Paul "," life "and a variety of decorative floral, it is further emphasized their values. Hanger ancient to modern times, there has been the evolution and development of new, traditional style and modern practical features combine to produce a new household products, do have some charm.

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