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Mannequin Head2015-04-28

Mannequin head is a general call for a kind of mannequin, which has head part, but not the full body, with all kinds of human face features.

Lots of places will need to use mannequin heads in fact. Usually it will be used to display wigs, hats, sunglasses, makeup or hair-cutting practice, according to different types of mannequin heads.

Mannequin heads can be customized to look like all kinds of persons, with given scale and pictures. Mannequin head is usually made of styrofoam, fiberglass or vinyl.

Mannequin heads to display hats

The most places of using mannequin heads are the retails stores selling hats. It is much more economical to use the mannequin heads to display hats, rather than a full body mannequin. Usually the stores can manage to display several mannequin heads on only one small place, such as table or counter. In fact the seller of stores can use any mannequin head to show hats, even no color or hair on it, however, mannequin heads with color, makeup or hair will give buyers a much more better expression, when it wears on a real people.

Mannequin heads to display wigs

Mannequin heads are also widely used in displaying wigs. Mannequin heads is designed to let different kinds of face looking heads to provide a nice idea for people, what it will look while wearing different styles wigs. Because everyone has a different face looking, it is better to have some mannequin heads with various of face looking, in order to make clients imagine how the wigs of different colors and hair styles will fit their face shape.

Other using of mannequin heads

Some mannequin heads will have real human hair on it. It is usually used in beauty schools for practice training. The trainees will learn what it will look like for cutting real people’s hair by practicing on training mannequin heads.

In a word, mannequin heads can be used in many places – they can not only be used to display hats and wigs, but also a useful training tool for beauty industry.

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